Molly's Voice: Books and Diversity

Books and Diversity - Taylor Allen

This is the third in a series of blog posts highlighting the great work of the University of Memphis graduate students in speech-language pathology. For their AAC class with Vicki Haddix (one of the TN Talks project leads), they choose their own final projects, and many of those final projects are potentially very useful for those of us working with students who use AAC. WIth the students’ permission, the work is being shared here.

Molly holding her aac device

We’ll share another book, written and illustrated by Taylor Allen. Taylor has an interest in making sure that everyone is represented in books, and her presentation tells us why this is important. She also gives us suggestions on where to find diverse books, and what to look for to ensure that the representation of someone with a disability is a good representation. 

Molly's Voice 2.png

Taylor also wrote her own children’s book about Molly as she gets her AAC device and learns to use it with her speech therapist, family, and friends. There are two versions of this book. One is the complete chapter version in the PowerPoint deck, and the other is an abridged version that fits within the restrictions of Tar Heel Reader.

Links to project resources:

Tar Heel Reader abridged version of Molly’s Voice book

PowerPoint full version of Molly’s Voice book

PowerPoint presentation on Books and Diversity