Tennessee Talks: Everyone deserves a voice.

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Overview of TennesseeTalks:

Picture of Susan Usery, Director of Tennessee Talks As a former school-based speech-language pathologist, I couldn’t be prouder to support the amazing work of the TennesseeTalks project. We passionately feel that communication is not just an academic area on a student’s IEP; it is an individual, fundamental right. Communication is essential for developing relationships, pursuing vocations, and achieving personal independence.

The TennesseeTalks grant allows schools to receive support from assistive technology (AT) specialists working with the school teams. These specialists meet schools and students where they are - assessing the need for technology supports, connecting students with appropriate Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) systems, and providing advice resource on adaptive equipment, communication strategies, integrating services, and so forth.

This collaboration will help many students "find their voice"!

-- Susan Usery, Director of Tennessee Talks

Program Goals:

  • Support the entire IEP team in the assessment of communication needs
  • Provide access to devices and related AAC supports through assistive technology lending libraries
  • Guide the process for procurement of speech generating devices
  • Provide opportunities for professional development via professional learning communities across each region.