AAC at Home: Let’s Talk About Learning

Students and families are struggling across the country to transition into ‘homeschool’ mode during this time of COVID-19 quarantine. This difficulty can be magnified for children and youth with special needs, particularly those who may also have limited communication skills. Special education teachers and related service providers are facing never-before-seen challenges as they try to modify programs for use within the home that will continue to address each students’ needs per their Individualized Educational Plan (IEP). To further compound the process, they must do so without direct and indirect assistive technology supports routinely available in the classroom. 

The absence of scheduled routines, behavioral management resources, academic accommodations, assistive technologies, and/or alternative and augmentative communication (AAC) supports can adversely impact the non-verbal student’s ability to participate.  While some home-based instruction and support can be offered through digital learning and outreach, additional resources are needed for educators, therapy providers, families, and caregivers trying to educate students who need AAC interventions to actively engage, communicate, and learn.

The AAC at Home program can help! Tennessee Talks is able to offer tutorials and guidance on the use of AAC interventions, share ideas for instructional accommodations that incorporate visual supports for learning, offer free printable materials, and provide informational webinars and training events that will support the use of AAC at home.


Supporting Students with Disabilities During COVID-19: Resources for Tennessee Families

The challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic have been huge for so many families across Tennessee. To support you at this time, Tennessee Department of Education partners have collaborated to identify and share resources for students and caregivers.


Parent Resources

Resources for parents and caregivers implementing AAC at home.


SLP Tele-AAC Resources

Resources for school-based SLPs to implement distance speech therapy.

COVID-19 Resources

AAC resources that address the coronavirus pandemic, including pages, symbols, and social stories.

Get Help

You are not alone! Please reach out to Tennessee Talks if you need support as a parent or provider.