AAC Awareness Month: Tip 1

In honor of AAC Awareness month, we will be posting a quick AAC tip each week.


 Our FIRST TIPit’s Sale Time for AAC apps!

Who doesn’t love a good sale? A reminder to all that, in honor of International AAC Awareness Month, many of the vendors will be placing their AAC apps on sale. Check out this posting by Lauren Enders, SLP.  Lauren has once again done a great job of tracking the sales for the different AAC apps and listing the dates of their sales.


Many of the vendors will be offering up to 50% off their communication Apps for a limited time in the month of October. PLUS…If your district buys in quantities of 20 or more through the Apple Volume Purchasing Program, then the sales price is cut in half…WOW!

These sales start Oct. 1st so don’t wait to shop for your AAC supplies.

Check back throughout October to receive more AAC Tips.

Sabina LaClair, SLP

Sabina LaClair

Sabina LaClair MS, CCC-SLP

Sabina is a Speech Language Pathologist with LTVEC and the TN Talks program who is excited to have the opportunity to pursue her passion of assisting all individual in finding a way to communicate. Sabina received her undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan and her graduate degree in Communication Disorders from Western Kentucky University. Prior to working with LTVEC Sabina has worked in a variety of settings including schools, adult care facilities, hospital settings and outpatient clinics, providing services for both children and adults. She has also served as a parent advocate for the Indiana First Steps, early intervention program.