2021 East Tennessee Autism Conference Sessions


Introduction to AAC for Parents and Teams

What is AAC? Would it help my student/child? What does the evaluation process look like? Who pays for communication systems? In this session, we will provide answers to these questions, along with information about the differences in AAC systems and terminology you should understand when navigating this process.

iPad vs Dedicated Speech Generating Device (SGD)? Deciding which one is right for my student

Before purchasing an AAC device or program, you should first explore the pros and cons of having a dedicated SGD vs an iPad with a robust communication app on it. This presentation will provide a solid overview of both options to assist when comparing your options.  In addition, we have included some information and resources for alternate funding sources.

Modeling and Implementing AAC

Now that they have a device, why aren’t they using it? Device abandonment and underutilization are real. Aided Language Input, often referred to as ‘modeling’, is the method for assisting our users with learning how to communicate using their AAC device. Included in this presentation are tips on implementation methods and links to multiple online resources to support learning.

Language Development

How do I know if my child has delays in language development?  We will begin by examining the Analytic Language Acquisition Journey, the more familiar language learning process, then take a close look at another measure, the Gestalt Learning Method. The Gestalt Language Learning style is typically seen in individuals who are echolalic, a common trait of children with Autism. Understanding a different language learning journey and how to aid those individuals in obtaining independent communication is the goal for all.