Eye Gaze Website Resources

These sites contain games and other activities that can be easily accessed via the eye gaze system. Most of them will need the mouse emulation on.

Eye Gaze Accessible Games

Guide to getting started with eye gaze, websites that offer games for eye gaze and/or switch accessibility, inclusive eye gaze software, and other resources.

AAC and Literacy by Vicki Haddix

Presentation about factors relating to literacy, reading and writing supports, etc. in regards to AAC.

AAC for Occupational Therapists by Vicki Haddix

Presentation with Helpful tips for Occupational Therapists supporting AAC use

AAC Implementation for Children and Adults by Vicki Haddix

Presentation with guides on when and how to start teach AAC

Building AAC Capacity in a Large Urban School District by Vicki Haddix

Presentation on: reasons why building capacity around AAC is necessary in a school distric, ways to build capacity around AAC, learning objectives for a class for SLPs on learning to implement and consult to others around AAC

Guidelines for Designing an AAC Communication Board by Vicki Haddix

Presentation on how to design a communication board

Book Adaptations by Vicki Haddix

How to adapt books for easier use by children with dexterity issues.

Expressing More Than Requests and Choices Using AAC by Vicki Haddix

Presentation about: Types of communication displays, Reasons for communication besides requests, Suggestions to create your own communication displays

Alternate Pencils Printables

Alternative “pencils” were created for students who are unable to hold a traditional pencil or physically manipulate a standard keyboard. Alternative pencils can be used with writers of varying abilities and ages including students who are emerging writers and those who are able to write more conventionally. A student is given all the letters of the alphabet to write with, chooses the letter they want (whether they know the letter or not) and either the partner writes it down for them. Print, Cut into strips, laminate, bind (optional).

Spelling Board with Color

This board is designed for communication via spelling. Some of the letters and numbers share
spaces; there are a few communication words on the board as well. Originally developed for a man with poor dexterity.

Tactile Core Vocabulary

4/9/36 printable Core vocabulary boards from University of North Carolina. Also has tactile Core vocabulary that can be 3D printed; this is designed for students who are both nonverbal and blind.