Tobii Dynavox Dynamic AAC Goals Grid 2 DAGG-2

The primary objectives of the Dynamic AAC Goals Grid-2 are to provide a systematic means to assess (and reassess) an individual’s current skills in AAC and to assist partners in developing a comprehensive, long-reaching plan for enhancing the AAC user’s communicative independence. This tool strives to assist with the team’s consideration of the myriad of components that make for successful AAC use.

AAC Assessment by Vicki Haddix

Presentation detailing steps to performing an AAC evaluation.

Early Language Development and AAC by Vicki Haddix

A presentation that covers Typical Language Development and how to Classify Language in Students with Complex Communication Needs (CCN) - Level of Symbolism, Reasons to Communicate, AAC Considerations

Eval funding tip of the week by Claire Campbell

Claire Campbell is the PRC/Saltillo rep for Tennessee She has a newsletter called "Eval funding Tip of the Week" send her an email if you would like to be included Claire Campbell, M.A., CCC-SLP, ATP AAC Consultant Assistive Technology Works, Inc. (832-792-5717)

Getting started with AAC: Parent and Clinician Perspectives by Vicki Haddix

Presentation on: Research: AAC does not hinder speech development, Visual Supports and Visual Communication, Where to Start- Vocabulary Choices? What is Core Vocabulary?, Where to Start-Modeling?, AAC Implementation Resources, Being a Good Communication Partner